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Wendy you star!! We can breath a sigh of relief, thank you for acting so quickly to get us care. Family of Mrs M Oct. 2023

Thank you Nightingales for all your help we honestly couldn't have managed without you. Your kindness to Dad and to us as well was just what we needed. The amazing care but also the sense of humour always put a smile on dads face, and kept my spirits up. You are wonderful at what you do. Sep 2022 Mr. J.F

To you wonderful people at Nightingales. Thank you for all your kindness and support. I would recommend you to everyone. Mr and Mrs H. Oct. 2022

"Dear Nightingales. I cannot think of the words to express my gratitude for all the kindness you gave to Mum, and also all your patience and kindness you showed towards me as well."

From Mrs B. Family March 2021

"To all at Nightingales. Just a big thankyou to ALL the staff and especially the core team who looked after and cared for mum. Mum passed away at home exactly where she wanted to be."

Many thanks from all the family of Mrs M. May 2021

"To Nightingales Care. You are a wonderful, dependable caring care provider. You and your team made a daily difference to our Mother. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much to you all."

From all the family of Mrs D. Feb 2021

"Dear Wendy and all the team. Just a note to thank you for all you are doing for my mother during these very difficult times. It is so very much appreciated. Special thanks to her amazing 2 carers. So nice for me to know I can always ring you. Best wishes to you all."

J. 0ct 2020

"I just wanted to pass on some very positive feedback. Mum isn't very articulate at saying such things but does tell me that her carer C. has gone above and beyond her duties and is always optimistic and cheerful, and is exactly the tonic mum needs. Thank you so much to C. Best wishes"

J . FEB 2020


Dear Nightingales,

Thank you to you and your team for the care you have provided to my mother in law PG. It has given us peace of mind, enabled her to stay in her own home for longer, and you've been so kind to her.

Mrs. CG, Brisol


I wanted to tell you that I is very pleased with F. I and F get on really well and she looks forward to F's arrival every day. I hopes that F will be allocated to her always. Please pass on to F my thanks. I have seen a definite improvement in I's general mood and she seems to be enjoying life more. This is due to F's positive attitude and her willingness to help I. I says that F is always a joy to have around and her visits always put I in a good mood. They get on like a 'house on fire' and F manages to make I laugh every day. I am really grateful.

Mr. B, Gloucester

November 2016

Dear Wendy and team,

As you know, my mother NS passed away peacefully at home on Sunday, 13th. I am writing to express my and the wider family's thanks and appreciation for the kindness, professionalism and care shown by your staff towards my mother. The four weeks my mother had at home following discharge from hospital were, in the circumstances a calm, peaceful and reassuring time for a frail old lady. She had during this time many visitors and family visits, and your staff were always helpful and obliging. We are forever grateful that mum had a caring, friendly face with her 24 hours a day. I know mum became very fond of some, and would spend time chatting away recounting tales from her childhood. I would like you to convey our particular thanks to FP, with whom mum developed an understanding and fondness which was evident to us all.

It just remains for me to thank you all once again for the care and professionalism shown to my mother at what is inherently a very difficult time of life.

Mr. S, Westbury-on-Severn

October 2015

Hello Wendy,

First of all, I just wanted to thank you all on behalf of us all for handling putting in the keysafe and getting the keys cut, and everything else! A couple of mum's friends have been down to see her and have commented on how lovely the carers they've met have been or how much of a difference having them around has made to mum's mood, so thanks to everyone! You lot are amazing.

Mr. RM, Italy

November 2014

Dear Nightingales,

We wanted to thank you for the fantastic care that my mother FR received from you in the last week of her life, and for the many months before that. All your carers impressed us, but I particularly want to mention S and D who were with us when Mum died, and who provided care, compassion and friendship of the highest standard. I cannot praise them highly enough.

Mr. BF, Middlesex


Dear Nightingales,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my, and my sisters' thanks to all at Nightingales who helped and cared for our mother in the past months. You all enabled her, for the most part, to be happy and comfortable whilst remaining in her home where she had lived for over 60 years.

She came to regard all of you as her friends as well as her carers, and myself and my sisters were much reassured that she was in good hands. Sadly, at the end, even the good care of Nightingales could not prevent the drawing of that final curtain. But you did enable her to pass in peace in her own home, something that she dearly wished for.

On behalf of my sisters C, K and I and, of course, V, with sincere thanks and gratitude.

Mr. DJ, Dursley


Dear Jane, Wendy and Amy,

This comes to say a very big thank you to Nightingale's for the care you have given Mum and me, as her daughter, over the past 12 months or so. You have been able to react to Mum's changing needs within hours of my requests, and it has been reassuring to know that you are there at the end of a phone.

The carers have been excellent - I don't want to single anyone out, but Mum did have her favourites - I'm sure they know who they are! With very best wishes to all at Nightingale's, especially to you three and to Mum's carers.

Mrs SS, Gloucester


Dear Nightingales Carers,

I am writing to put on record my gratitude and admiration for the care that you have given my aunt, MM. Your great kindness and professionalism have enabled her to stay in her own home, as was her dearest wish, for much longer that I thought would be possible. You brought her fun, reassurance and friendship and I thank you all.

Mrs CL, Winchester


Dear Wendy,

I am now very much improved in health and therefore no longer need the help your caring nurses have given me. I cannot speak highly enough of their kindness and wonderful care which has brought about the great improvement I have experienced.

Please thank all the girls for their caring and kindness and the pleasure their company has given me.

Mrs PB, Gloucester


To all the Staff,

I am so very grateful to all concerned who helped us out over the last two years. The carers were always cheerful and helpful, making my life so much easier, and D enjoyed the company and care. Particular thanks to S and J who were our "mainstays" in recent months - I miss their cheerful presence! I will have no hesitation in recommending Nightingale's in the future.

Mrs MM, Gloucester


A huge thank you Jane, Wendy and all the girls who looked after Mum so well with so much care, compassion, diligence and love. Without your help and support Mum would never have been able to stay at home for so long. We, as organisers of her care, really appreciated the way you always filled in at short notice when required due to our organisational short-comings. With very much love and thanks.

K, P and K, Salisbury


Dear Wendy and Jane,

Can't thank you enough for organising your ladies to help with mum during the night-time. It gave the family time to sleep and recover from the previous day. Special thanks to SK, as she cared for mum several times.

Don't know how we would have coped without you all. We're missing mum terribly now but time will no doubt ease that. Many thanks.

R's family, Gloucester


E, B, M and L would like to say a big thank you to Nightingale's for the last two years of care for our Dad (A). Dad looked forward to K coming to sit with him. It was so nice for Dad to be able to have a conversation in Polish, it certainly made a huge difference. Love to you all.

Mr S's family, Cheltenham


Dear Jane and Wendy,

Will you please pass on our sincere thanks to all your staff who provided care for Mum and enabled her to start each day washed, dressed and breakfasted. This was so important to her and to us to know that one of you was at the bungalow each day and that we would get a call if anything was amiss.

You have some wonderful staff; she loved you all and thank you to all of you who were able to attend her funeral.

K & CC, Gloucester

4th March 2011

Dear Jane,

On behalf of my whole family, thank you for looking after my father for what turned out to be his final days. It was an immense comfort to all of us that Dad was looked after so well, and was able to live out his last days in dignity, comfort and without distress. For me, it was very important that my last memory of my father was of him lying comfortably and peacefully at home, rather than in clear distress in Gloucester Hospital. The last memory we have of someone remains with us a long time, and thank you for making my last memory of my father a contented one.

Everyone who met you and your team were full of praise. All of the girls who helped Dad (and Mum) were supportive, capable and kind. As you said, you have recruited no-one who you wouldn't be happy looking after your own parents, and that's a great standard to achieve. Thank you ALL again so very much for giving my Dad a peaceful and comfortable end, and for giving all my family peace of mind.

Mr AB, Middlesex

24th January 2009

Dear Mrs. Lever,

It is almost two years since my husband, J, went to Heaven and I shall never forget the wonderful dedication, kindness and gentleness and sympathetic understanding of your nurses who came and nursed him through his final weeks. I didn't know such people existed - and they didn't even know us.

I remember at the time your asking me if I would write. Well, following my house move after his death, I am at last putting my letter to paper.

I cannot ever thank you or your amazing girls enough. There were two who were particularly outstanding - A and, I believe, Z. But they were all most dedicated and exceptional people and I can only say it was a revelation to meet them and a privilege to have them with us. If ever you - or they- had time to look in and see me, I still live in the village and have a most charming house on the estate.

Please thank all of your people who helped us at that time. It was such an extraordinary time to live through but wonderful in so many ways, as it revealed such exceptional people and the most enormous amount of love and goodwill. My most sincere thanks to everyone.

SG, Gloucester

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